Why vote for me?Don’t take the … P

I’m not necessarily the best person to vote for. Why? because that’s a decision only you should make. Hopefully by now you have read the scribbles and statements, read the web pages and…

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Why vote for me?Don’t take the … P

I’m not necessarily the best person to vote for. Why? because that’s a decision only you should make. Hopefully by now you have read the scribbles and statements, read the web pages and come to YOUR choice. I’d obviously be thrilled if that could be me.

I can only promise to be the best person that I can be, I definitely WONT be quiet or sit there demurely whilst dictated to from “on high”. If something is wrong ethically or socio-politically I will say so. Jon Lansman will not have the easiest ride if I’m successful and selected to be an NCG member. I’m an activist not a doormat.


I believe that Momentum provides hope but also insecurity, In my opinion a constitution was needed to provide focus and direction with defined objectives. Do I support Lansmans’ constitution? How it was presented to members as a “fait accompli”with no consultation  NO … some of the dodgy clauses? again NO – for example to change anything you need the support of ridiculous numbers, and there are plenty of things that need changing.
I don’t like the way structures were simply done away with a dictatorial decision. That made Momentum unstable and members left feeling insecure and disenfranchised, impacting upon the Labour Party.

Lansman don’t take the piss out of members, they will drop you in the sh*t ! 

However, I’ve not been happy with the past set up either as it pretty much felt like a secret club that I certainly wasn’t part of. I kept wondering “What is happening?locally? regionally?” the impression that I was beginning to get- it was a London centric ego club and we were the muppets paying for it. Plenty of money for huge London rally, but as for the regions we had to scrap the money together ourselves. But it was FUN – these leadership campaigns what a jolly !!!  nojexit
Hang on, isn’t that a bad thing for the Labour Party?  Yes, it was fun, but it is also destabilising  so we desperately need a combination of representatives with diverse range of qualities to come together, work out the constitution issue, work out the restructuring and UNITE for our party.


Let’s work out how we can raise the profile of Labour through our membership of Momentum.Let’s make our CLP wards and branches strong and reflective of the feeling of our members; our communities and the population as a whole. BRexit was a protest vote in my opinion and fuelled by hate pedalling right wing Tories/ UKIP. It’s now Teresa May who has the unenviable task of sorting it out. However, I believe we need to start thinking General Election NOW and getting Labour in power led by Jeremy Corbyn.


95% of the population are being negatively impacted by Austerity measures, the uber -wealthy are getting wealthier as they purge our country not just of money into Tax Avoidance Havens but of it’s skills wealth, it’s pride. WE have to all Unite, together wage a war on inequity, start looking at ways to repair, reinvigorate and restore the deficit in our nation.

Together, We are strong.. United we are invincible

I’d like to represent you, the members of our disjointed region on the NCG. We are already more united than we realise as members of Momentum, we can bring the power back to those who already vote Labour, but the disenfranchised, the 40% non & can’t be bothered voters, young & old; members and non members, everybody needs to vote Labour.


What role for local groups?

Probably the most important question that could be asked, but in my opinion one that is unfortunately left out as we, the wonderful people hoping to be representatives on the NCG. So what are the right answers?screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-03-26-59

I could blurt out the usual politicised, sound bites or maybe I could be truthful? WOW! that would be unexpected.                                                    I’d agree that local groups are important to the continued success of Momentum, but how much genuine consideration is given to US, the ordinary member in local groups. I believe that it is about time local activists and groups stand up for themselves and the role that they play in Momentum. We know the CLP’s don’t want us, except as foot soldiers, posting leaflets and it appears of late that the Momentum hierarchy only want us to continue paying our membership fees that pay for those at the top.


 Truth is; At the moment most of us, me included, do not know what the hell is happening

Truth is; members are, and have been involved in fund raising, developing profile of Momentum and those who have benefitted are at the “Top”based in London, who come across as a Secret no access club.

Yes, local groups provide a safe space for pro Corbyn people to meet, discuss and support each other in hostile CLPs; and members fund activities,pay for rooms but with very little support and/or training from National Office, I would want this to be challenged- I intend to play my part.

Is it a place for people new to politics or the Labour Party? or Momentum?                           I believe that there needs to be greater active input from the National Office, there needs to be a call for some of the money collected from our membership fees to be channelled down to local groups not used just to pay for London centric ego projects …. Also why not help with fundraising, publicity, promotion initiatives so that local groups can serve local areas better & become a viable conduit of ideas to the Labour Party and the Corbyn leadership.       screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-02-10-03

I don’t agree with the new decision that members of Momentum now have to be members of the Labour Party because there are millions of people out there who don’t want to be in any party but may attend a local Momentum group. Momentum could and should be a means of really getting the grass roots message across to our neighbours. I personally feel this excludes people from becoming engaged in politics Jeremy Corbyn has appealed to people in a way no leader has, because he appears “normal” and “like one of us”. He rides a bicycle, catches a bus etc..          When 40% of the population do not vote we need to secure the future our local groups, provide support and training so that members can become local councillors, advocates and even represent our areas as MPs who are “in touch”and do represent the diversity of our population. Some people who are after the money, the fame, expenses etc will still slip through. Greed can infiltrate anywhere, are we going to continue to leave the door open for UKIP? screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-20-28-07

I recently co-hosted an Anti- Trump demo at the end we had a salute to women, a salute to the men, a salute to UNITY and I believe that Momentum locally could play a big part in actively challenging issues that impact on their lives, real lives and real people in real situations.

Locally we need to highlight and support Councils (especially Labour Councillors) in fighting cuts; asking questions at full council meetings and asking for joint delegations to lobby Parliament…. Why Not?                                                                                                                      There is an amazing and exciting opportunity to transform the way politics is done; to change and democratise the Labour Party starting locally; to move us towards a fair, compassionate and more equal society. Isn’t this what Labour stands for?                                                                                                        WHAT COULD I DO?                                                                                                                        We could all do lots, it’s about team work, analysing the skills available and working from our strengths to make the most of opportunities whilst minimising weaknesses and threats.                                                                                                                                        As a former lecturer and manager I could devise training and development materials that could help develop confidence etc, but this requires some input and direction from the National Office. I would ‘hassle’ them to get this.                                                                                                       I would take some initiative to co-ordinate and liaise with other groups in other areas that run stalls and publish newsletters – lets get a “formula” up and running (incorporate into training program).                                                                                                                                   Speak at and get involved with Demo’s, protests and highlight the positive role of the Labour Party; of the Labour party of joining a Union, I’m in Unite Communities and will be voting for Len McCluskey in the General Secretary election.    screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-18-07-25                                                                                                                                       Although, not advocating anyone being automatically deselected I do believe it is very important that local Labour Party members have more real input into the selection of the candidates that they want. To often Council and Parliamentary candidates are selected by a dominating clique, I’d like to see this supported. As for democratising the party so that it is not dominated by an elitist core, it is the local activists that need to do this, we know our areas, we need to educate and make politics exciting and accessible make it relevant to young people, old people allow them to speak, share opinions, form ideas, projects etc Given full support by National Office. Above all make members feel valued and not attacked.

Momentum, to me is not about being a “party within a party”, but a movement intended to galvanise people, educate and empower members, supporters and those outside of the Labour party who would vote Labour but don’t want to join…. Why should they?   A positive and a return to the traditional, basic values of the party that I have supported since I took my mum to vote – A vote for Labour of course !! 

I’m standing in the Midlands, Wales East & West group – Please read statements, web pages etc before voting.